Sheleen Williams

Master Stylist/Owner/Trainer/Hair Restoration,Thin Hair Specialist

My E-Mail: avisionarysalon@yahoo.com

I have the pleasure of being an educator and trainer for our apprenticeship program, Micropoint Solutions , Shrinklink Hair Extensions and Invisablend Hair solutions.  I am a licensed Invisablend Hair Solutions Studio and trainer, I am one of a very small number of LLLT(low level laser light therapy) and XTC xtreme growth therapy centers on the west coast.   I have exclusive license for CYBERHAIR custom hair and have recently partnered with both Jon Reneau and Revlon, both amazing companies that have a wide variety of wigs hairpieces, extensions and fun hair accessories. I am constantly pursuing other training and education opportunities as well.

*Please note business hours are by appointment only.

 I believe that every person was blessed with their own unique and individual beauty both inside and out.   It is my desire to reveal the beauty that is within you.
 My experience and expertise range from advanced training with many of the most prestigious hair companies in the world, to working for three major cosmetic companies, the excitement of working for MTV, organizing fashion shows, and working for two modeling agencies. I am a Salon owner,Trainer, speaker and designer.  I hold exclusive license with Cyberhair, and Micropoint Solutions.  I have partnered with Invisablend Solutions, LLLT(low level laser light therapy) & XTC extreme growth therapy to add to our ever growing list of hair restoration solutions. 

My passion is Transformation.  I do this through a combination of service and rapport with the amazing clients with whom I am blessed to have pass through my salon.  Something as simple as a great haircut and someone that truly cares is enough to make a person feel transformed when they leave.

What I find to be the most exciting and challenging aspect of my business is creating personalized looks for each individual. By utilizing Hair extensions, coloring, cutting, and styling , I am able to transform ordinary hair into extraordinary hair.


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