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"After being told all my life that I have such thick and beautiful hair, I was completely distressed to see my hair visibly thinning in my early 40s due to hormonal changes. The front was becoming see through and the part was starting to widen. Sheleen and Mikelle are so knowledgeable about their craft and true artists in hair restoration that they knew exactly what I needed. After just one Micropoint application, I had fuller and thicker hair than I had had in a decade.They knew all the tricks of the trade and I walked away feeling like I will never have to worry about thinning hair again. Thanks so much for your patience and expertise! I can't say enough about what it's done for my confidence." - Kim T.

Sheleen has been doing my hair for the last six years or so. I am very adventurous with my hair, and whatever I ask for, she creates, and beautifully. Half the time I just sit in the chair and tell her to do whatever she wants, and she never disappoints me. I like an edgier look usually, but she has all done my hair long, straight and pretty when I have needed that for work. I've had small extensions, mainly to create bangs, and every color you can imagine. I highly recommend her if you want truly fabulous hair and are willing to pay for it.

Sara T.

San Jose, CA


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am that
I found this salon. I'm not sure just how it happened, but the fact is that
I did, and I am forever grateful to Sheleene and her sister.

For years I have been so unhappy with my hair. I tried everything
ranging from hair weaves, Japanese relaxers, braid extensions, interlocks, expensive flat irons, hair coloring, etc. I've invested thousands of dollars, and sat through many hours of salon sessions, (sometimes very painful) - trying to achieve "that look". The one which defines us as women, reasserts our femininity, instills confidence in us. Ultimately, in my opinion, it is what drives us to go after what we want in life- whether it's a new job, or love interest, etc. But even as determined as i was to attain "this look", i couldn't find the answer. I kept on having the same problems, same results. I became frustrated, hopeless, and resigned to wearing my hair in a bun- I didn't care anymore.

But then one afternoon I was bored and googled best hair salons in San Jose, Ca area, and then "boom!" there they were. I wasn't really looking for anything, but i was curious and I decided to check out their site. After seeing the amazing photos of all their work, i continued on and did some research on the products and services they offer. For a moment, I thought, could this be the answer? So I decided to call and made my initial consultation appointment.

I read some of the comments here and yes, it's not cheap and if you are on a tight budget, it's probably something to strive for in the future. But if you are financially sound, then it's something to consider. As a woman, I can't tell you how much money I've spent on expensive purses, clothing, shoes, jewelry, dinners, hotels, vacations, mini getaways, other hair treatments/cuts, day spas-the list is endless. And all this for one reason, and one reason alone, and this was to feel good. And I realized, people don't notice your new cool $500 purse, or expensive shoes, before they notice your great hair, and beautiful skin. But more importantly, they notice the confidence that you exude, which comes with having great hair (and this is priceless). So I decided, even though it was expensive, that it was an expense well justified, because it would be an investment in me to add to my overall physical well being.

I am merely in the beginning phase of process, but already, I see some amazing results. I can only best describe this as Sheelen working a miracle on my hair.

I am very excited about the rest of the process, and I can't wait to
see the amazing transformation Sheleen will be responsible for.

N B.

San Jose, CA

I have been going to Sheleen (A Visionary Salon) for over 10 years now, and she is such a talented stylist!  She is a great listener, and does a fabulous job on my hair.  Sheleen & Mikelle both are soo friendly, not to mention knowledgeable when it comes to hair (the new styles/colors/products you should be using).  I have continued to recommend A Visionary Salon to my family and friends over the years, and would do the same to anyone reading this.  A true "Gem" in San Jose!

Kathy M.

San Jose, CA
Sheleen is awesome!  She is the owner and has some other lovely ladies who work with her.  While it is a bit pricier than what I usually pay, I know I'm getting a quality job done.  I have been reluctant about getting my haircut in the past and not liking what has been done at salons (I prefer to stay in my neighborhood, but the last one I got, I ended up coming home and cutting my hair more - it was that bad - and I'm not a hair stylist!).  Anyway....Sheleen knows her stuff:   I learned why I can't get certain hairstyles b/c of my head shape and hairline - I had no idea.  She is a master artist - I gave her some ideas of what i wanted and then she improvised and shaped my look into something I really liked.  Also, I appreciated the patience she showed and taking her time with my hair - she clearly loves her job and she's really good at it.   And she gave me some tips on how to style it best.  I'm coming back!

Karen S.

Milpitas, CA

I have been going to A visionary salon for quite some time now and I must say that Mikelle is my favorite stylist to date. I have thin-ish hair which is a mystery to some stylists but Mikelle fixed me right up with a color, cut and style. She is very easy to talk to as a stylist and I told her how frustrating past experiences have been. One thing in particular is how much I HATE going to a stylist and they make my hair look amazing, then I wash it and have no idea how to style it again! She walked me through how to style my own hair and pointed out some products that would help with my thin hair.

Their customer service is great and they really care about their clientele. Which makes a big difference when comparing to an uppity salon with zero appreciation for the people they work with.

Amanda H.

Oakland, CA

I love all the incredible girls at this salon!  They have changed my life as I was very upset about my thinning hair which had been over processed and cut too short by another salon.  They put in hair extensions and I feel and look fantastic!  I will never be without them again and I look forward to my touch up trips back to the salon. These are beautiful ladies inside and out who truly want to make their clients happy!!

Pam G.

San Jose, CA I love all the incredible girls at this salon!  They have changed my life as I was very upset about my thinning hair which had been over processed and cut too short by another salon.  They put in hair extensions and I feel and look fantastic!  I will never be without them again and I look forward to my touch up trips back to the salon. These are beautiful ladies inside and out who truly want to make their clients happy!!      Hi Sheleen, it's Anna!

I don't think I've contacted you since I had the extensions put in so I
wanted to touch base to let you know they are fabulous. I love them!
You did such a wonderful job; they look great and blend in so well
and they are super comfortable! I haven't lost one yet and they are very
easy to care for.
See you soon!


Prior to wearing Hairlocs, I wore single braids, tree braids, bonded weaves, the traditional sewn-in weaves and even net weaves, which all looked great until I had to take them out.  That is when my nightmare started.  Because I have such fine, thin hair, it could not handle the weight of the extension hair and therefore was basically ripped out from the root.  I was left with was severely damaged hair that did not fit my outgoing personality. 
But thanks to my “Hair Angel” Sheleen, in November of 2003, she gave me the gift of hair I always dreamed of having.  I now feel as though my inner and outer beauty is one - and being the true lioness (I am a Leo) that I am, I now have a full mane of beautiful flowing hair that is unbelievable.  It doesn't hurt that my husband absolutely loves it.
Thanks Sheleen, Nicole and Sherry for enhancing my life with this amazing hair - You are truly my “Hair Angels”.
Love and forever grateful,


I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a great job on my hair extensions.  I love them so much!  My hair was so thin and damaged before and I felt like I was at a dead end.  Now that I have the hair extensions I am so much more confident and secure about myself.  People are constantly complementing me on my hair.  I am very pleased as well with the hair products you recommended, especially the Nioxin hair mask which make my hair very silky smooth.  I would also like to thank you for your patience during our first consultation where you took the time to explain everything to me in detail.  Thank you so much!  And I will be seeing you soon! 
Maria Medeiros

Hi Sheleen!!!
 GiRRRRRRRRRLLLLL!!! I have to give you much praise!!! Thank you so much for making me feel (and look) so beautiful on my very special day! So many people complemented me on my hair and make up. I think one of my wedding clients wants to contact you for her hair. She's getting married

May 6, 2006. But I forwarded her your info. =)
 I had the best time. It went by really fast but it was great! I
attached some pictures. My sister, she graduated too, is in yellow. Sorry you couldn't make it =( but we will defnitely have to keep in touch and
hang out real soon.
God bless,
 PS, you are SO right about that hairspray! It stayed up ALL NIGHT to the next morning!!! hahaha... What did you use again?
Hi Sheleen,
I am so sorry I haven't written so far. I have just been extremely busy every day!
Folks love the hair!!! You were so right, most people at work that day really didn't figure it out, and yet kept looking. Immediate co-workers etc. did realize it and just loved it. Hubby is in love more than ever--ha, ha. The show, and the weekend parties I was involved in, all went really well.
warm regards,

To Whom it may concern
I was recommended to Sheleen last April for Hairlocs hair extensions by a friend (who is also wearing extensions by Sheleen) She came highly recommended. We had a consultation in which Sheleen explained exactly how much the extensions would be, and how much I could expect to spend on getting it maintained. I was thoroughly informed about Sheleen’s policy. That the hair extension hair and the work was non refundable once put in and done. She had me sign forms.
I have received nothing but compliments on my hair. I love the quality of hair, I can’t even tell where my hair starts and the extensions begin. I have very thin fine flat hair and I was very self-conscious. With the extensions, I feel so much better about my hair and the way I look. They have given me so much confidence. 
Sheleen is very professional and upfront about all costs and expenses of any work that I get done with her.    I constantly recommend her to friends and coworkers.

Dear Sheleen and Mikelle,

You guys were the best! I am so happy with my extensions- they look so natural and I can hardly tell that they are in!! I am even thinking I would like to put a few more longer pieces in around my face (Sheleen, you were right). Do you know if I can order 15 or 20 strands just for that area?

Anyway, I am really, really happy with the outcome. Mikelle you were friendly and helpful, answered all of my questions and kept things running smoothly even though there were three customers in the salon. Sheleen, you were awesome: gracious, an expert at what you do, interesting to talk to, and most of all a really good listener and cutomer service oriented. It is rare to find someone like you that has passion for what they do and really conveys that to the customer.

I am so happy that I have found a new salon that I can call home. I feel beautiful (guys were checking me out all weekend)! and more importantly my husband loves it.

Thanks again for everything!


Pam G.

San Jose CA

I love all the incredible girls at this salon!  They have changed my life as I was very upset about my thinning hair which had been over processed and cut too short by another salon.  They put in hair extensions and I feel and look fantastic!  I will never be without them again and I look forward to my touch up trips back to the salon. These are beautiful ladies inside and out who truly want to make their clients happy!!

Christina M.

San Jose, CA

I absolutely love my hair and it is all becauseof Sheleen and Mikelle. They are hair miracle workers for sure. I have very very thin hair and thought there was no hope of having full long hair. Meeting with Sheleen was awesome, I felt so excited and happy to know there is a way to have the hair I dreamt about having.  I love the fact these ladies genuinely care about people and wanting them to feel good about themselves. They have worked on my hair putting in micropoint and extensions. Since having my NEW hair I have never felt more girly. I can't stop saying how much I love my hair!!  I recommend this salon to everyone.

Susie F.

Los Gatos, CA

This place is Amazing.  Sheleen took me from a 5 to a 10 in three hours. Best money ever spent. I got the most beautiful hair extensions i could ever have asked for.  The single life at 39 can at times not be pretty.  All I can say is that I have gotten more attention with my long beautiful hair then i ever did ten years ago with my breast augmentation. I wish I had done this years ago.

Thank you so much Sheleen

Nichole B.

Sunnyvale, CA

A Visionary Salon is great! Mikelle is very welcoming and easy to talk to. As someone mentioned before, they seem to be very busy. She was helping myself and another client but did not neglect either of us.

I told Mikelle that I wanted a different style for my hair since I had the same style forever so she gave me some layers that turned out looking phenomenal.

I look forward to going back for my next hair cut!

Desiree E.

San Jose, CA

Ive always had short hair and I wanted to try something different of course i was excited and scared  because i thought people would notice my extentions but Sheleen  did such an AMAZING job!!  My hair looks asome.  You cant tell i got extension. Its funny because some of my co-workers who dont know  i got extension tell me how great my hair looks and it grows fast!! yeah  it grows fast.  Just a couple hours. lol... The best is i can wash my hair and let it air dry  and it has a beautiful wave no hassle.
And lets of course talk about my dating life, when i had short hair yeah kinda boring!!!  Now  when i go out now  HUGE difference!!!  My hair is so sexy  i cant say enough I love it.  Seleen thank you!!!  You did wonders on my hair.

Monica D.

San Juan Bautista, CA

I decided to look into getting extensions because my hair was thinning due to over-processing. I looked at probably 20 websites and liked Sheleen's the best because she had the best before and after pictures with the most natural looking results. Well I was not dissapointed...she went well beyond what I expected and gave me extensions that look  natural and beautiful and are worth every penny.  

Mikelle was friendly and helpful,she answered all of my questions and kept things running smoothly even though  there were three customers in the salon.  Sheleen was awesome: gracious, clearly an expert at what she does and most of all is a really good listener and cutomer friendly. It is rare to find someone that has passion for what they do and really conveys that to the customer.  Overall they are both very kind and caring people which is rare in an industry where that is often not the case.

I am so happy that I have found a new salon that I can call home!

berklee B.

San Jose, CA

love it, love it, love it. very comfortable setting, very personalized. Mikelle knew exactly what i wanted

Melissa S.

Sunnyvale, CA

Sheleen has been doing my hair for well over 10 years now.  I always look forward to my time in her salon.  She and her sister, Mikelle, have made the salon a very welcoming and comfortable salon to visit.

Sheleen is wonderfully knowledgeable in what she does and always up on the latest styles.  She often will have ideas for me and my hair before I even come into the salon for my next cut and color.

She always makes my hair look great, and I always get compliments on what Sheleen has done with my hair, even weeks after I have visited her.

Sheleen even did my hair and makeup for my wedding and made me look more beautiful that I might have imagined.  And although I had invited her as a guest, she even touched up my makeup for me before my photos so I would look my best.

The long and short of it is, that I know I would never trust my hair to anyone else.  Sheleen simply is the best!

Heidi B.

When you find the music in your life, it is in YOUR responsibility to make…

San Jose, CA


i was a little uneasy about coming into a visionary salon, and the fact that you're welcomed by two BEAUTIFUL women doesn't help. i thought to myself, "oh great. way to make me feel better about my crappy thin hair." lol :(

sheleen and mikelle (mikayla) are two of the most genuine people in the hair business. seriously. they really make you feel like a million bucks ; like you're just a friend they haven't seen in a while. what really gets me is how they make each and every client feel gorgeous from the minute they walk in the door, even if i'm thinking OH GIRL! that chick has a hot mess on her head! i've walked in there feeling ugly, only to be lit up by their smiles, and hilarious talks. they make you feel like you're beautiful with crappy hair, and like they're just bringing out that beauty by fixing your coif.

they have a way with people, and with words. sheleen has such a warm heart, and a good relationship with her sister mikelle. it really resonates throughout the entire shop.

my hair has always been top notch, and let me add that these girls are ALWAYS busy. someone let the secret out that they exist, so if you want to make an appointment, plan it out waaaaay in advance. on a side note, i called these girls 4 days before i was going out of town NOT knowing that they were so busy. when i say they go out of their way to make sure you're happy, that's an understatement. in 4 days, they fit me to every single day to get something done on my hair from dying to micro-point to extensions. knowing how busy they are!  sheleen and mikelle stayed with me till, i kid you not-- at least 1:00 A.M. to finish my hair on the last day. 1:00 A.M.!!!! i'm not saying you guys should test this, because i felt absolutely terrible... but that's how much these ladies care and are dedicated to finishing their job. i love them for it, and they know it. my hair has been perfect since it's been in their care.

you guys would be idiots NOT to call them. they're the best in the area. period.

denise b.

San Jose, CA


Oh man....where do I start??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way A Visionary Salon takes care of my hair! I've been hooked for almost 2 years now. I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!!! They are AMAZING!!!

Denise Bridges/Singer-Songwriter-Speaker

Suzi H.

Candy and sweets for every meal!

San Jose, CA


First to Review

I am totally hair-phobic.  I don't like getting it cut (no idea why) or dyed and I don't fuss much with it.  Before I visited A Visionary Salon two days ago I had gone at least two years - possibly longer, I don't really keep track - without so much as a trim.  My hair was long enough to sit on and split-ending like crazy, so I knew I had to do something.  

A Visionary Salon is currently undergoing renovations, so I'm not going to comment much on the layout.  It's operated out of the home of the owner, Sheleen, but was pretty easy to find.  

My hair was cut by Mikelle, and she is a fabulous stylist.  She made me feel very at ease, and listened to my concerns.  (I didn't know specifically what I wanted to do with my hair, but I wanted to keep it long, give it definition to make it more "interesting," and I wanted a low maintenance style because I'm lazy.  Oh so very lazy.)  She told me what she was doing every step of the way, so I was never left wondering whether I was going to end up with something I hated.  If I expressed a concern she was quick to adjust.  She was chatty and fun to talk to, but when I started zoning out (sitting still always puts me to sleep) she just let me space out and think about nothing and that was fabulous, too.  I've never had a hair stylist who was that sensitive to a customer's worries and needs.

Another thing I really appreciated about both Sheleen and Mikelle is they told me exactly what products they were putting in my hair and how to use it, but they didn't pressure me to buy anything that day.  That's great, and I wish more places would lay off the high-pressure sales tactics.  

Both women were quite knowledgeable, and just by listening to them talk with each other and Sheleen's client I learned a lot about hair extensions and styling techniques.  If I ever feel the need to add extensions I would feel fully confident that they know what they're doing!

When I left that day I had lost eight inches of hair and my fear of hair salons.  I have absolutely no complaints - I would recommend these fine ladies to EVERYONE!  (I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment - amazing!)

Santa Clara, CA


One word... unbelievable!! I can't say enough great things about this salon... if it's any reflection of how amazing these ladies are, I started a yelp account just to write this review :)

I had extensions done here a few days ago and I was floored... My above-shoulder length hair is now halfway down my back and everyone is none the wiser! I especially appreciated the fact that during my consultation, I was told that the best fit for me was not the most expensive choice.. Ladies, I am sure you appreciate honesty, but what's more important is that these ladies don't need to be pushy or try to upsell.. their work speaks for itself.

The extensions came out amazing, perfectly color matched, and the ladies were fabulous.. so sweet and informative. The salon is inviting and I had a wonderful experience all around.

I highly, highly recommend A Visionary for any hair care needs, especially extensions. :)


Brandon R.
San Jose, CA


Great place, i got hair colored and highlighted and extensions... hair color came out perfect, extensions look great and the haircut was top notch.  They really do listen to the certain type of style you are aiming for and make it happen.   Nice people to..  i love how they got my hair to look.

Victoria B.

the tea lady

San Jose, CA


I first met Sheleen when I was 12.  Now, 12 years and countless personal and hair transformations later, she is still my go to gal.  Let me tell you, I've never met a more creative, professional and talented woman in all the world.  From London to Boston to Beverly Hills to New York, I've been to the best rated salons and trusted many of the top hair professionals, but no one compares to Sheleen!  Her skill goes unparalleled; I love my hair every time she works her magic.  She is a genius.

kate v.

San Jose, CA


Thank you for always creating fabulous hair for me. No matter what colour or style I want,these chicks make it happen in a super laid back positive environment. Their  blonde colours are truly unrivaled. XOXO

Anna S.

Morgan Hill, CA


Sheleen rocks!  I've been going to her for about 10 years now and I can't imagine anyone else ever doing my hair.  I've got fairly fine and thin hair - not the easiest to work with - but she always manages to make it look stylish and professional.  I always get compliments from friends and acquaintances alike and have had a few friends switch over to her salon as the result of my styles.  

I think my favorite thing about Sheleen is her imagination (which is probably why she calls her place "A Visionary Salon"!)  I can't recall the number of times I've sat in her chair and just said, "I don't know what I want, but I'm ready for something a little different."  She's done so many things with me, from short, sassy, and spikey to my now softer and longer look.  I had never considered color, but she encouraged me to experiment in this area as well.  It's always fun.  And somehow, it always works.

Anh l

San Jose, CA 


I had hair extensions and they look incredible! I got so much compliments and they look so real. Very friendly and nice service. Thank you Sheleen! You made me sexy again.

Brandy S.

San Jose, CA

I LOVE This place!! Sheleen and Mikaela are so awesome. I was in a total funk with my current hair style and just felt lousy about myself. I really wanted extensions and started researching and came across a Visionary Salon. I had a really great consultation with Sheleen and what I wanted and what she actually thought might work the best for me the greatest thing was she herself wears what she promotes and sells and you would never know it. I started with the hair tabs, which are pieces of hair that actually stick into your hair we decided this because my hair was so short. After letting my hair grow out for awhile I told her I really wanted my hair long and I really wanted to go into the individual strands, so she 100% accommodated me and put me into 14in long shrink links and I feel like a beautiful goddess.  I have wonderful long blond hair that looks completely natural. No one knows unless I tell them that I am wearing extensions. I would recommend them to anyone who needs them or that just wants a change, its a great experience..

.. I have also used her for make-up services, I needed some new tips and ideas and she did a wonderful job. She showed me how to make myself pretty without making me look like a hoochie momma :)

I recommend them 100%.. I have never felt like I overpaid for anything...


Ponni C.

San Jose, CA

Sheleen and Michelle are great! Excellent professional work! You should see my long, spiral, auburn hair!


Vashti D.

Santa Cruz, CA

After losing 90 pounds this year -- my hair started to fall out :( AND it is thin/fine to start with....my regular stylist referred me to Sheleen because I was exploring the option of extensions....and WOW! What an incredible experience.

For starters, A Visionary Salon is VERY welcoming and acommodating. Everyone there has been awesome. The consultation was informative and personalized. My hair was ordered immediately. Sheleen and Mikelle were efficient and attentive...best of all...you won't believe how great my hair looks...the match is uncanny! From beginning to end I have had a wonderful experience with Sheleen -- I started out well-informed, the application process was smooth as could be, and I left armed with all the info I needed to take care of and style my hair!

I highly recommend this salon!